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Anonymous said: Trynna get in shape and lose weight or get bigger in the gym?

Getting bigger muscles, I need to lose just a lil bit as well, its been long so I’m having a hard time lol

I miss my beard already!
I miss my beard already!

It started!

I finally made up my mind and got back to the gym again. After long time, Yay!



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Anonymous said: Are you a fan of white undies?

Not a “fan” but i like white briefs and trunks.


Out of all the guys I’ve seen on Tumblr, I think model Chad Wick is by far the hottest man I’ve seen.  (Set 1)

Set 1  •  Set 2  •  Set 3  •  Set 4  •  Set 5


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ambienandfranzia said: I'm totally not anon and totally down for cuddles with you. :)

Cuddles! >-(°-°)-

Anonymous said: Alright how about later? :c

No anon cuddles. Sorry